Our Technology

Zoom Laser

Everyone has spoken to someone who has had stained teeth. Regardless of how nice the person is or the topic of conversation, the color of someone’s teeth can be distracting and completely detract from the interaction. What some people may not realize is how difficult it can be for someone with stained teeth to interact…

Carl Zeiss Microscope

Anyone who has had experience in a science or anatomy lab knows that accurately visualizing the structures is vital the success of any treatment. Whether it is a gram stain, cellular organelle, or tiny dental cavity, the images always impact the outcome of any procedure. Over the years, there have been countless advances in medical…

Sound Blocker Earplugs

Almost everyone knows that they’re going to be putting on sunglasses at the dentist’s office. The bright lights are simply too much to handle and they can both make people uncomfortable and damage the eyes; however, there is another sense that needs to be protected at the dentist’s office that many people will overlook. The…

Electrocautery Machine

While most people go to the dentist’s office for routine cleanings every six months, some people have more advanced dental problems that require more attention. Whether it is a cavity, root canal, or even an implant, there are certain dental issues that also require surgery. Surgical procedures carry certain risks, such as bleeding, pain, allergic…

Laser Picasso Machine

Everyone knows that certain things will happen during their routine visits to the dentist. There will likely be some brushing and flossing to accompany the removal of plaque and tartar along with the cavity check. Most people expect a lecture from the dentist about brushing and flossing; however, few people expect to be told that…

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