Laser Picasso Machine

Everyone knows that certain things will happen during their routine visits to the dentist. There will likely be some brushing and flossing to accompany the removal of plaque and tartar along with the cavity check. Most people expect a lecture from the dentist about brushing and flossing; however, few people expect to be told that they will need a dental procedure to fix a problem with their mouth. Unfortunately, some people have issues such as gum disease, root disease, or even a missing tooth that will require a surgical procedure to fix. When patients require an operation to fix an issue in their mouth, dentists will often use a Laser Picasso Machine. While this tool has an unusual name that may take patients aback, it is an important device that serves numerous purposes and helps to improve patient care.

The Laser Picasso Machine uses a low-power laser. At 2.5 Watts, it is just strong enough to perform the delicate operations that a dentist might require. Even dentists fresh out of school are proficient in using this tool because the learning curve is low. Without requiring any delicate movements by the hand or wrist, the simple aiming and firing mechanism minimizes the chances for mistakes. This ensures that patients remain safe while in the chair. Furthermore, this tool has a wide range of applications across the dental field. Gingival incisions used to treat gingivitis, incision and drainage of oral abscesses, and even treatments of sores and ulcers can all be completed with the Laser Picasso Machine. The mouth has important structures such as blood vessels and nerves that need to be protected during every surgical procedure. When people move their fingers and wrist across a tissue surface using a knife, there is always a chance that the knife could slip and damage these structures. With the Laser Picasso Machine, the hand and wrist remain still. This minimizes the chance that these structures are injured.

While the Laser Picasso Machine has a low learning curve, this doesn’t mean that experience won’t matter. This machine has a wide variety of applications and dentists have to see numerous cases to gain experience in all of these applications. In addition to the quality of the equipment and the experience of the dentist, the comorbidities of the patient also make a difference in the outcome of the surgical case. For patients looking for a Nairobi dentist, Dr. Pushpa Sachdeva practices at Ace Dental Care and has put together a glowing track record of carrying out successful operations in a wide variety of patients. Over the years, countless patients have trusted Ace Dental Care in Nairobi, Kenya for their dental and surgical needs. Dr. Sachdeva has worked hard to develop a sterling reputation in the community for performing procedures with the precision and warmth that every patient deserves. For people seeking an experienced dentist to perform their dental procedures, reach out to Dr. Sachdeva and Ace Dental Care today for a consultation.



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