Electrocautery Machine

While most people go to the dentist’s office for routine cleanings every six months, some people have more advanced dental problems that require more attention. Whether it is a cavity, root canal, or even an implant, there are certain dental issues that also require surgery. Surgical procedures carry certain risks, such as bleeding, pain, allergic reactions, and more, that need to be minimized in order to have the best chance for success. When dentists and surgeons make incisions in the mouth, it is important that these incisions are in the proper locations to avoid vital structures in the mouth. One of the tools that a dentist will use to minimize these risks is called an electrocautery machine.

There are nerves, arteries, and veins in the mouth that surgeons and dentists need to avoid during surgical procedures. Cutting these structures could result in bleeding or loss of motor function or sensation. An electrocautery machine is a very precise machine that helps to minimize these issues. Unlike a scalpel or other surgical blade, an electrocautery machine doesn’t require any hand or wrist movement on behalf of the dentist. Instead, the dentist simply needs to press a button on the device to begin the cutting process. When the dentist hits the button, the device will cut using an electrical arc. The electricity will shoot out from the tip of the machine and cut through the tissue. Because the device doesn’t require any wrist movement on behalf of the surgeon, the device is much more precise and therefore minimizes the chance for mistakes. In addition, the device minimizes bleeding because it cauterizes when it cuts. Electricity comes out from the tip of the machine and will burn as it cuts. While this may sound scary to certain people, this actually is a major benefit. No matter where in the body the machine is being used, there are small capillaries that will bleed when the tissue is dissected. This blood can wind up in the surgical field and make it challenging for the dentist to see what they’re doing. Because the electrocautery machine burns while it cuts, these capillaries will actually be burned closed and stop the bleeding. This will keep the surgical field clear and minimize blood loss during delicate surgical procedures.

The success of any surgical procedure depends on a variety of factors. In addition to the quality of the surgical equipment, the experience of the surgeon and the circumstances that led to the procedure also play a major role. When patients are looking for a Nairobi dentist, Dr. Pushpa Sachdeva of Ace Dental Care has developed an impressive track record of performing successful procedures in countless patients. Over the years, numerous patients have visited Ace Dental Care in Nairobi, Kenya for their dental needs. Dr. Sachdeva has developed a reputation for performing operations with the reliability and compassion that everyone deserves. For patients looking for an experienced dentist to perform their dental procedures, contact Dr. Sachdevatoday to schedule an appointment.



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