Dr. Pushpa Sachdeva

I , Dr. Pushpa  Sachdeva  grew up in Malaysia as a Christian and felt it was my calling to do Dentistry as I felt that’s what  I came into this world to do. After 31 years, serving in Nairobi, I have no regrets and feel really good about it.

I am proud knowing  that I created a reputable business previously trading under the name “The Smile Specialist,”  and did things to improve dental services to people. Everyone is not the same, which I have learnt after 31 years of experience and therefore I have become good at individual tailoring for every treatment.

My  motto is to treat every patient as if I am treating myself or family. We educate our patients on good oral hygiene to prevent future problems. My experienced staff and I  pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide and strive to develop long- lasting relationship with our patients by showing that we truly care for them.

In Dr. Pushpa’s own words “one of the reasons I love being a dentist is that the possibilities with your teeth are limitless.” The high-end technology that is available today enables me to give you an amazing, healthy, natural smile without pain or discomfort.

Am constantly upgrading my skills by attending hands-on courses internationally. After improving on the smile, I sometimes if need be, love to  improve the soft tissues around  by doing lip augmentation, reduction of  peri-oral lines , narrowing of square jaws, reduction of bruxing and reduction of” gummy” smiles by use of Botox , Fillers and Facial Thread lifting.

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