5 Reasons to Try Laser Dentistry

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In the past, many people dreaded going to the dentist because of the discomfort associated with dental treatments. However over the years, dental technology has continued to advance. Nowadays, modern dentistry is much more comfortable, faster, and more effective thanks to these technological advancements.

One advancement that is especially impressive is the use of dental lasers in dentistry. Dental lasers began to be used for dentistry back in 1994, but it was only recently that they started to become more common in dental practices.

Man having a dental exam with a blue light in his mouth

Dental lasers can be used to treat common dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Lasers work especially well for the detection and treatment of dental cavities. They can also be used to obtain tissue samples for biopsies and to increase the effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments.

Because laser dentistry is a technique that is somewhat new, some people are unsure about it. However, because laser dentistry provides patients so many benefits, it is highly recommended by many dentists. Here are five reasons why you should consider laser dentistry at your next dental appointment:

Less Pain

Dental lasers work by emitting a strong beam of light used to reshape or remove tissue. This strong beam also simultaneously seals the wound. This means that the nerve endings are also sealed, which reduces the sensation of pain. For this reason, procedures performed with a dental laser often do not require dental anesthetics or sedation.

Less Blood

There is also less bleeding that occurs when using a dental laser for soft tissue procedures. Again, this is because the wound is cauterized, or sealed, at the same time the procedure is performed. Because of this, the blood is almost instantly clotted.

Faster Healing

As a result of immediate wound cauterization, the treated area will heal much faster when treated with a dental laser. This is because the instant blood clotting helps to initiate and speed up the body’s natural healing response.

Woman sleeping in dental chair


Dental treatment with lasers can be relaxing to some extent. Dental lasers do not produce the same loud noises as dental drills and other tools. This lack of sound helps overly anxious patients and children relax during their procedure.

Better Treatment Outcomes

Finally, treatment with dental lasers offer patients better treatment outcomes. The light and heat associated with the laser beam sterilizes the tissue, which significantly decreases the risk for infection. Additionally, the lack of excess trauma and bleeding minimizes the risk for other post-treatment complications.

As you can see, dental lasers offer many great benefits to dental patients. In short, they provide patients with more efficient dental care that minimizes discomfort, recovery time, and complications. If you haven’t already tried laser dentistry, what are you waiting for?

Dr. Sachdeva Pushpa is a Nairobi dentist who is constantly upgrading her skills by attending hands-on courses internationally. This allows her to provide her patients with the latest dental techniques and technology. In addition to restorative dental treatments, she works to improve the surrounding soft tissues through lip augmentation, reduction of  peri-oral lines, narrowing of square jaws, Fillers and Facial Thread lifting. She also uses Botox to reduce the occurrence of Bruxism and to reduce “gummy smiles”.

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